African Americans’ Movement Essay: The Significant Events

Civil rights movement in the US is a controversial but incredibly interesting topic for young people who study history. Sure, this period is not easy to analyze without any specific knowledge and access to the reliable documents. Although a half of the century has passed after these events, this topic is still highly discussed in the society and history communities. As a result, many important laws for Afro-Americans were applied thanks to this movement. Some of them played a truly crucial role in the establishment of equality between people. A lot of significant steps were made for reducing racial segregation and discrimination. In this article, the most significant points and key events about this history period in America are presented.

Brown v. Board Education

In 1954, there was a mass protest against racial segregation and discrimination at public schools. Hence, students had unequal status, and the educational system did not try to reduce this issue. Moreover, such separation of young people according to their ethnicity was supported by the official law. Thus, Negro groups had a poorer quality of education and were urged to study in awful conditions such as overcrowded classes, the lack of necessary materials and so on. It meant that students had an inferiority complex as their fellows who studied in ordinary groups and had more rights and better conditions of schooling. There was no wonder why many young people refused to continue studying and being segregated. They demanded some important changes and reforms on the highest level. As a result, several important laws were applied in the whole country. Partly, such a positive outcome for civil rights movement was caused by the inappropriate image of America in the foreign media related to the Cold War. It was illustrated as the country of segregation and different types of discrimination. Thus, authorities had the only way to change it for better. They decided to get rid of such prejudgments in an official way.

Rosa Parks as the Key Figure

There was an interesting case in Alabama where a local Afro-American activist Rosa Parks sat on a seat for white people on the bus while traveling back from work to her house. As a result, she was arrested. However, she was also called the “mother of Afro-American Civil Rights Movement.” Moreover, in this town, a great anti-segregation protest occurred. People boycotted public transport and demanded the equal rights for everyone who used buses. This strike took more than a year. Finally, their demands were realized. According to statistics, ninety percent of Afro-American citizens took part in this boycott.

March on Washington

One of the key events of Civil Rights Movement is the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in 1963. The official government was opposed to this event and tried to prevent it. Nevertheless, it was provided thanks to King’s and his supporters’ efforts. Lots of civil-right and labor organizations took part in this march. The major demands which were presented included the voting right, integrated education, more civil rights laws and many other demands. This event was greatly covered by media, and each step of this demonstration was noticed. According to official resources, more than 200 000 people participated in the march. Here, King delivered his most famous and well-known “I have a dream” which was ranked in the top of 20th-century speeches. The main is providing the absolute equality for all people, and finally, getting rid of roots of slavery and segregation.

Prison Reform

This is one of the most important reforms provided as a result of the Civil Rights Movement. After several activists had been imprisoned, conditions in prisons where they had to stay became highly discussed in the society. The majority agreed that they were inappropriate and inhumane. The power of white inmates over the Afro-Americans was great at those times because of racial discrimination and segregation. Moreover, blacks suffered from the unfair criminal prejudgments, and their general number in prisons was extremely high compared to other races. At the same time, it was disproportionally relating to the Afro-American population in the country. Finally, the prison reform was provided in order to make inmates equal in their living conditions and rights.

Civil Rights Act

Probably it was the final stage of the Movement in 1968. After King has been assassinated, there was a huge wave of disturbance and protests. America had not seen such powerful movement since the Civil War. As a result, the authorities decided to apply the act of civil rights according to the requirements of canceling discrimination based on ethnicity, race, color, and religion. There was also created a crime of injuring or treating someone because of their racial identification.

Finally, there are a lot of significant things to say about this historical period, and it is not possible to mention all key events in a single paper. Nevertheless, you can cope with the most important things which influenced the outcomes of the Civil Rights Movement. It is also possible to analyze if it was successful or not. We hope that our post can help you with creating an essay on this topic. Keep in mind that the only things you need are being diligent and attentive to details. History likes facts and facts should be true and exact, based on the real happenings to avoid any confusion and biases.

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