Analysis of a Historical Personality: Rare Facts About Margaret Thatcher

One of the most controversial and important personalities in the English government was Margaret Thatcher. Even nowadays this woman seems to be one of the most popular and famous examples for beginners in politics. She influenced a lot of people. However, some historians also criticize her because of several unsuccessful reforms. Even strikes were caused by her policy. At the same time, many people recalled her times as those which brought a better quality of life and some really effective and necessary changes. Anyway, this person is outstanding, and a lot of surveys should be done in order to estimate her political activity correctly. Moreover, the movie about her life story and the way to reaching power were created. In general, her personage appeared in more than 45 TV shows and films. She was also ridiculed in a few programs. There are some unusual facts about this woman below.

Ice Cream Before Politic

As many of us know, Thatcher got a degree in the Oxford University. She studied chemistry and was a pretty successful student in this field. For example, she invented a specific formula for creating an ice cream while being a part of the team of food researchers. They just added more air to it. It gave manufacturers a possibility to produce more products but with using fewer ingredients. As a result, less money could be spent on the production of the ice cream. There was even the company of selling such a product in the whole England. Thus, Margaret was pretty good at chemistry before entering big politics.

Poor Living Conditions

One more fact about Margaret Thatcher’s life is not related to politics as well. She was born in an ordinary family who lived above the grocery shop owned by her father. The apartments were actually poor. Margaret suffered from the lack of the most necessary things which could improve the comfort. For example, there was no central heating in this house. At the same time, she was involved in the politics at an early age. She attended specific meetings with her father. At first, she worked on a political campaign while being only 10 years old. Maybe, it was the impulse for developing a strong desire to reach high attainments in this field and even get the most important position in the country even if Thatcher had never believed that a woman could become the Prime Minister.

The Most Unpopular Woman in Britain

That is how the Sun newspaper called Margaret Thatcher after a few of her reforms. She held the position of the secretary of education and decided to cancel the policy which offered free milk to school kids. As a result, she was even called “Thatcher, the Milk Snatcher” by the British media. Several years later another newspaper gave her a title of Iron Lady after she had delivered a speech about the negative sides of communism and necessity to fight against it. Although she was criticized by many people and media, Thatcher was finally elected as the first British female Prime Minister. She also served at this position the longest term in the last 150 years as she was re-elected several times.

Strict Diet

She decided to come into a good body shape two weeks before being elected as Prime Minister. Hence, Margaret wanted to look really well in case she would win the elections. The diet she underwent was truly strict. It mostly consisted of tomatoes, coffee, grapefruits, and eggs. According to official information, she ate 28 eggs each week.

Ugly Voice

Probably everyone understands that a perfect politic who wants to gain high positions in the government should have a persuasive but calm tone and be able to deliver great speeches. However, Thatcher’s voice was not suitable to these requirements. Hence, she attended some classes provided by a teacher from London’s National Theatre. As a result, this woman developed a brilliant tone which helped her to reach success in the political sphere.

Unpopular Educational Reforms

It was true that Margaret Thatcher also provided several unpopular reforms. For example, she cut down finances in the field of higher education. Thus, spending on different scientific surveys provided in universities was decreased which surely caused a lot of unsatisfied remarks and even petitions signed by thousands of students. Sure, Thatcher got the honorary degree in chemistry at Somerville College. Nevertheless, she became the first Prime Minister who never got the honorary doctorate at Oxford according to the provided voting when the majority made such a decision. Of course, it was caused by her reforms in higher education which became the main reason for the crisis at Oxford University.

All in all, there are a lot of important things which can be mentioned about this woman. However, only the rarest and most unusual facts are compiled in this article. Some of them reveal the reasons for Thatcher’s unpopularity. Others show that some things told about her are just myths. Anyway, it is hard to argue that this political personality is outstanding. The majority will agree with this statement even while being against her policy. We hope that this example of a history essay will be useful for you while writing your own paper. Keep in mind that these are only a part of interesting facts about Margaret Thatcher’s life and you can add even more amusing things.

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