What Does It Mean to Be a Writer & Is It Worth Being One?

Boy at the Library

Even if you have never talked to a live writer, still you definitely store an image of one in your head. Besides, you may try to attribute to him or her some particular habits and features of human character. You may also try to imagine where, when and how he or she works on another story. Probably, the most difficult thing about all writers is to understand why they decide to write and what they feel in the process of writing.

Well, if at least once you sat down to write not your school or college essay but something more personal like a poem, or a diary, or maybe even a short note in your own blog, you certainly have an idea about writers’ work. Whether you consider it romantic or just senseless is your personal business, and only you can change your opinion in favor of or against writing and being a writer.

A Few Words About Modern Writer’s Career

Have you ever thought about the changes caused for writer’s career by the scientific and technological progress? To make the question less abstract, you can try to compare and contrast the conditions under which Mark Twain worked in the second half of the 19th century and those under which Joanne Rowling is working nowadays. By the way, it could be a nice topic for you essay, couldn’t it? Whatever, the differences are quite obvious though we still imply a rather traditional author of traditional books.

On the other hand, you can easily say that the journalism is also connected with writing directly, so a journalist can be considered a writer as well. And this is true undoubtedly. Modern journalism takes its roots from Europe of the 16th and 17th centuries. Consequently, associating the writer with the journalist or vice versa is quite a traditional practice as well. What is more, the world’s best known writers began their career as journalists or even combined both professions. Today the situation is actually similar: a lot of journalists try themselves as writers.

But what if we remember about all those posts and articles we read in the Internet every day? The World Wide Web cannot go without people who fill it with information accessible for users from almost every corner of our planet. So, let us see who these guys are and how they work.


Laptop and Cat

Bet, you have just thought about bloggers and you are right! Probably, a blogger might be considered as a free writer and journalist of the modern age. Creating, writing and upgrading a blog is cheaper than publishing the same texts in paper. Besides, if you do care about Mother Nature, posting and not printing your works can save lives of thousands of trees.

By the way, as a college student you can also try to start your own blog. Why not if you have something to say to and share with others? Lack of time and shyness are weak excuses. Just do it if you really want to. Students’ and graduates’ blogs can be just wonderful storehouses of priceless tips on everything, starting from checked guidelines on writing your essay or passing your final college exams and finishing with hints on dealing with any possible difficulties of your student life. However, the variety of topics described by bloggers is literally inexhaustible.

Web Content Writers

Whatever webpage you are scrolling through, everything you read on it has been created by a content writer. One of the most remarkable features of this profession is that such writer deals not only with the text of the main article(s), which visitors read, but actually with each and every word which they can see on the top, in the bottom and on each side of the webpage. So, content writers must also know some basic things about how a website is created, developed and upgraded.

Can Everybody Be a Writer?

Yes. And no. Everybody can come up with creative ideas and write them down on the sheet of paper or type them in a Word document or whatever on their laptop. However, not all of these writings can be readable and understandable for other people.

Still, you do not need to worry about your creative writing skills if you cannot stand your college essays or any other academic papers. The biggest difficulty about academic writing lies in its strict requirements, which concern topics, structure, way of expressing your thoughts and so on. At the same time, you may be that kind of person who feels freer and whose inspiration and imagination work much better when there is nothing to restrict their flight.

If you doubt your skills and the quality of your talent, ask your friend/sibling/teacher to read what you write. Choose someone impartial who you trust much and discuss your achievements and ideas with them.

Post Scriptum

Whether you believe it or not, your college assignments can reveal your skills. Even though there may difficulties with structuring or argumentation, still nothing can spoil your original style. This is what you should remember and pay your attention to.