Creating a Book: Ideas for Theme

Writing A Book

Of course, writing posts for blogs, articles for magazines and advertising texts for websites is a pretty amusing and, as a rule, well-paid work. Nevertheless, often amateurs dream not about the freelance job or being a famous blogger. They wish to become a glorious author with a large fan army, books’ presentations and huge fee. It sounds exciting but, keep in mind, that it is a complicated task to reach all these bounties even for a talented person. What should be done as a first step in achieving this goal? Right, writing an own book and making it perfect. We have some secrets of writer’s success for you, pay attention to them and all failures will be prevented.

First Step

So, you decided to create a novel, turned on the laptop, but the problem occurred. Which theme to choose for your writing? This is a first and the most important step in creating a book, especially for novices. It is quite hard to deal with this task if you have no experience and knowledge in a literary field. Sure, there are lots of things to write about in a book. However, most of them are poor and insipid. That is why our team collected worldwide authors’ experiences and developed some exciting ideas for creating a novel.

Ideas We Offer

Sure, you have to develop some ideas by your own, as it will make your writing even more difficult, if you use a theme, which was fully thought up by someone else. Nevertheless, we understand how complicated may be a task to write a novel from scratch for a neophyte. So, out team collected some of the basic ideas for books with an eye to giving you a backbone for making an own paper. Use it carefully; don’t forget that the writing is the portrait of its author. Nobody wants to be remembered as plagiarizer or banal writer.

Good and Evil

This is a common conflict in books of different styles and genres. It is simple and difficult to solve at the same time. Moreover, it may be interpreted in a large number of ways: a contest between people, an opposition between gods, the challenge inside someone’s soul and so on. Despite the theme seems to be average and banal, it depends on the author, how he will present it and if he adds something new and personal to the common plot.

Long voyage

Book About Adventures

It is suitable for both adventurous and psychological novels as there are many approaches to this theme. On one side, an author may describe amazing events which happened to people during a voyage. There may be fantastic elements as well. On the other hand, the plot can be concentrated on the inner world of characters. Relationships between them, conflicts and behavior in the limited space may be demonstrated and analyzed by the author.


It is a pretty good topic to write for the beginners as such themes usually touch readers deeply. You can impress someone by the heartfelt story about the injustice in law or everyday life. Everyone knows that the issue of discriminations is widespread today, and such novels will help to overcome it. Did you ever meet with this trouble face to face? If you did, just write down your experience and feelings. You may also mention a topic of stereotypes and prejudgments or even unite it with the main theme.


Every single person, even children, knows what it is. That is an interesting topic for a novel as there may be mentioned historical events and personalities, physiological features, adventures and heroic acts, etc. This is a huge field for author’s imagination. It depends on him which message will a book have: pacifistic or military. Most of the writers criticize war because of human victims, destructions and ruining of life. Think about this issue and put down your thoughts.


Story About Teenagers

If you are a young one and have some interest in lives of your fellows, it is possible to create a book about teenagers. Parties, first love, school, parents – all these things are mixed in one novel. The writer should be diligent to make it harmoniously. Sometimes a young writer doesn’t have to dream up anything special as all events and feelings may be taken from his life. Such novels are usually very popular among the school kids or college students, so, take this into consideration while writing.

All in all, hope, all these ideas are amusing and interesting for you. Our next article will tell you how to create a fiction book. Some steps and advices are collected there for your convenience.

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