Fiction Novel: How to Create It

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So, you developed some writing skills, read a lot of tutorials and finally want to create your own fiction novel. For most people, it seems to be an effortless task; they think, that imagination is the only needed thing. However, it is unfairly in the core. Writing fiction is as serious and complicated as writing a historical novel. All the details should be taken into consideration. We see that neophytes’ overconfidence often becomes a reason why they fail the first writing experience. Our team wants to prevent such disappointments and works out many various tutorials every day. In this article, we’ve collected the significant steps in writing fiction and some useful tips to make it more resultative.

Some General Advices

At first, we want to give you some generic tips and hints to make work process pleasant and quick. Maybe some of them look too plain, nevertheless, often beginners don’t even guess about these advices’ necessity and usefulness. It is not a good perspective to spend years writing a single novel because of incorrect time management. So, take this info into consideration, it will play a role.

Manage your time

As it was said, you should estimate your time and try to write regularly with an eye on ending a work faster. This is a big problem for amateurs. Don’t make excuses because of loss of inspiration or something like that. Sure, it is important, but the productivity of work becomes much lower. Just make a special schedule and indicate the time when you have to write at least several pages. What’s more, such planning will diminish the possibility of deadlines breaking.

Read more fiction

Reading Fiction Novel

To make a good fiction novel you have to be aware of its structure, specific features and methods, which attract reader’s attention. Fortunately, there is no necessity in learning thousands of tutorials for it. Just read more. Works of the other authors are very helpful in the creation of your own novel. No, it doesn’t mean plagiarizing their ideas. Get their experience, pay attention to mistakes, discover the strategies, which other writers use. All these simple recommendations can make your novel perfect. Furthermore, many famous writers agree with this advice and use it in their literary career.

Add something personal

Don’t make strict frames for your writing. It is fictional, and limits here are indicated only by author’s imagination. Avoid everything banal and common; add some unique personal features instead. People want to see writer’s individuality while reading a book, but not the rewritten phrases and ordinary ideas. Feel maximally free as you are the only creator of the certain fictional world.

Main Steps In Writing Fiction

Sure, thanks to our previous articles you know more about that job and have some writing skills as well. However, it is significant to distinguish certain steps in the process of creating fiction. Keep in mind, that it is not an average essay paper; it is an independent book which should be attractive to people first of all. Of course, we can’t say that there are some strict rules or frames in writing fiction. Nevertheless, every beginner should know some basic steps.

Core idea

Sure, the first thing you should do is discovering the main message of your writing. You’ve already read our article with some ideas for books, so the task is much easier now. Nevertheless, even if you have a basis statements don’t forget to add some personal thoughts as well. Try to express the main idea of a novel through the conflict between characters and challenges in their inner world.

Unique world

Keep in mind that every novel has its specific imaginative world, even if there is a story about contemporary events. The author is its creator and ruler, so, use this possibility. Make an atmosphere; add details and some vital events which can make a plot more dynamic. You should understand that side plan plays a great role as well, so, make it elaborated.

Characters’ creation

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You are free to choose the character’s temper, appearance, the past and other details by your own. The point is that beginners usually make a typical mistake. They create a perfect personage with no negative feature or ugliness. Sure, it may be not that bad during the first paragraph, but reading 1000 pages about Mary Sue is a quite boring thing. Make your characters controversial, unite both good and evil in them and then the attention of the reader is yours.

Open final

On one hand, this is a good method to keep some place for continuing a story. Maybe, you will have a desire to make the next chapter for your novel. Secondly, opened finals can make a reader think about your book and imagine the possible endings. That strategy catches one’s attention.

Finally, this is the last part of our series of articles about writing profession. Hope, you discovered a lot of new things and can create your own stories now. We wish you success in this difficult way, and remember, that every single famous author had to work hard to become a master in the literary field.

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