Games for Improving Your Grammar: Education May Be Funny


It is true that the majority of students dislike grammar lessons and try to avoid them even while having some real problems with writing papers. Definitely, it leads to much worse consequences and a young person simply fall into the same trap again and again. On the other side, there are only a few students who appreciate completing tons of grammar exercises and find it as an interesting task. Such kind of activity quickly makes us bored and upset, especially if there are no positive results for a long time. In this case, you should remember that the process of learning and improving your vocabulary may include enjoyable but useful methods. As you know, there are many good educational games which work well for students. We decided to find some of them and give you several nice samples of studying in a fun way.

Apps for Smartphones

032117_1556_GamesforImp2.jpgOf course, as all students are involved in the usage of modern technology, they probably spend a lot of time playing different games on their smartphones. This device replaces a computer for many young people. Hence, it is a pretty good idea to use it as the way of improving grammar. Just download several good apps on your gadget and play them from time to time. It is a nice method of spending your time while going to college. Anyway, it is much better than wasting hours on pointless apps which bring you no benefits.

  • “Grammar Up” is one of the most popular games for improving your skills. It is built in a form of a quiz. You should answer questions one by one. Then, you will see your strengths and weaknesses after dealing with given tasks. It is a beneficial way of understanding your typical mistakes and detecting the field you should work on.
  • “English Grammar Book” can become your pocket textbook as there are many good rules and samples for each of them. Moreover, you have a chance to test yourself as thousands of tasks are available.
  • “Grammar Phone” includes the list of popular mistakes and explains each of them. As we told in the previous paper, young people often do not see the difference between certain words. You can find these things in the app. Such vocabulary items are described, and you can understand their clear meaning. In addition, these descriptions are detailed and have examples, so you will never suffer from the mistakes thanks to such an app.

Football Grammar

Of course, you may think that this type of games is suitable only for school kids, but it has a huge success among people of different ages. Even university students appreciate it and like studying in this way. In addition, it is easy to cope with the preparation for this activity. You only need a paper and a pen to draw several lines and divide it into a few sections. There should be two gates on each side. This scheme is similar to an average football field. Thus, there will be “A” and “B” teams which have to compete with each other. There will be several questions for each of them. They should be targeted on grammar rules, for example, tenses. Then, teams have to answer these tasks one by one in order to score goals. Finally, the one who has the biggest number of points will become a winner.

Blackboard Race

This is better to use among English learners or young people who have problems with the correct spelling of a word. You should divide a class board into two parts for each team of students. Then, they should find out as many synonyms as possible to a certain word. However, they should use no gadgets and dictionaries as the game loses its main sense in this case. It can show the problems with spelling and the most typical mistakes in the group. Although it seems to be old-fashioned, many young people still play this game and are highly encouraged for learning more and more grammar items.

Use Pyramids

032117_1556_GamesforImp3.jpgDo not forget that pyramids are pretty good for creating schemes of different grammar rules including examples, exceptions, and the most important issues. However, it is also suitable for providing some learning activities. For example, students may be offered to fill each section of a pyramid according to a certain grammar topic. It can be related to tenses, lists of words or anything you want. It is possible to use these games for any of rules which you want to repeat. In addition, these schemes may be used later for revising information.

All in all, there are games which are pretty good for using in a big class. They will probably make every student participate. On the other side, there are some nice activities which you can do on your own without any specific supplies. It proves that the most necessary thing for learning grammar is a strong desire to become better in this field. The majority of students give up too quickly and simply reach no results. That is why they find the most complicated subjects in grammar and think that it is the worst nightmare ever. Of course, it is much better to move to your goals step-by-step and get all desired outcomes as soon as possible.

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