Ideas for Short Stories: Ease Your Task

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Sure, the first thing you should do while working on a short story is generating several good and amusing ideas. As a rule, young people do not pay much attention to this point. They choose popular and trendy themes to explain in their papers. However, such approach to writing a short story is useless and leads to failures. That is why you should try to find the most original and special topic as you can. Keep in mind that creative thinking and being attentive to details are required if you wish to reach success in this case. In this article, we compile the best examples of topics for college students who face the necessity to create a short story. All of them are based on the experience of famous authors who have already become well-known and popular in the literary sphere and know how to work on manuscripts effectively.

Your Personal Scars

Many famous authors, for example, Stephen King advises using your personal emotional or even physical scars as the basis for a short story. You can describe the way of their appearing and their influences of your life. If you present this information in an amusing way and attract your readers, it may become the key to success. The main point is being honest and fair while explaining your wounds. For instance, you can create a story about the quarrel with your friend after which you have become arch enemies. On the other side, you can invent such a plot and present it as something which has happened in the real life.

A Secret and Its Revealing

You can also imagine a complicated secret which involves a lot of strange things: even crimes may happen because of it. Thus, the main heroes will try to reveal it and understand the reason for horrible events which occur around it. It is a pretty good idea to invent the secret of a certain family which everyone tries to hide. Many famous authors of short stories base their works on such motifs. For example, many plots of the Sherlock Holmes series include this type of secrets, and a detective should reveal them.

Poverty and Fortune

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These opposite things are central motifs for many short stories and even novels. Writers like to use this theme: a poor man unexpectedly gets a lot of money and starts a new life. However, in many cases, this discovery of the fortune becomes fatal for the main hero. It is a typical motif when a person becomes poorly tempered because of quick wealth which he or she gets without working hard. You can discuss these philosophical problems from your own point of view and use some modern circumstances for illustrating this issue.

Adventures During the Journey

You can create even series of stories which happen during a certain journey. People are always curious about various adventures and challenges which travelers face. The main task for you is inventing exact cases which can be enjoyable, sad or horrible. It all depends on your personal desire and tastes. Just try not to describe the whole journey and focus on the exact adventure, as the size of your manuscript is limited. Hence, too many details may deplete your work completely. For example, it can be a natural disaster such as storm in the sea or conflicts between the members of a team which travels together.

Fantasy Creatures

If you create a short story, it does not mean that your plot should be realistic and trustworthy. You can easily focus on fantastic things such as various creatures and monsters which can be dangerous to the main hero. Thus, it is a pretty nice idea for your plot. Just describe some interesting events where imaginary creatures play a role. You are not limited in your fantasy. For example, you can pay attention to the works written by H. P. Lovecraft which are brilliant examples of short horror stories.

Summing up, there are several pretty good samples of topics which young people can use while completing their college tasks or even writing stories for their blog. Sure, there is no need to use exactly these ideas. Nevertheless, they may become the best inspiration and encouragement for you. In the next paper, we will present some brilliant ways of getting inspiration for writing short stories.

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