Profitable Hobby: How to Get Money for Papers?

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Of course, writing is a pretty good hobby, which rarely becomes a profitable job. Most of the authors stay amateurs for the whole life, despite many of them are really talented and well-skilled. Why is it so? It is difficult to start a professional career in a literary sphere if you are a beginner. Novice meets with lots of troubles, which make him give up and start shelving own papers. We made this article in order to show you the strategy of becoming a well-paid writer. Experiences of famous authors and literary experts are collected here.

Benefits of Getting Payment

Some people argue that when a writer is paid for papers, he starts to do his job worse with an eye on making more texts and earning more money. However, it is just a myth. Professional authors pay attention both to the quality and speed of work. So, if you want to start a writing career, it is important to be aware of advantages of getting paid for papers. We compiled the most significant below. See the difference between writing as a hobby and writing as a job.


First of all, any payment is a pretty good motivation for a person. It stimulates writer to improve his skills and do more qualitative papers. Moreover, it makes the author more responsible and diligent. Contrariwise, the absence of motivation leads to throwing out the literary hobby. It is the common problem even among the professional writers.


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Having a writer’s job means a regular stabilized salary and no need to find a publisher for every paper. This stability makes an author feel more confident and he produces well-done works. What’s more, there is no necessity of looking for some side projects for getting payment and writer can dedicate all time to his favorite activity. Keep in mind that being a guest writer doesn’t promise you a regular salary.

How to Get This Job?

Next step, after discovering benefits of writer’s job, is finding the most suitable vacancy. It is not an easy task for a neophyte. Usually, amateurs do any offered job and get low payment for it. You should avoid this mistake as it may disappoint you in the profession in general. We collected the best tips and hints for you with an eye to making a search of job effortless and effective. Pay attention to them and you will avoid most common failures in your career.

Freelance websites

Today thousands of freelance websites exist. You can easily find there an employer who will give you a stable work related to your interest. What’s more, you can compare different hirers, which conditions and salaries they offer and so on. This gives a possibility to choose the best variant. Keep in mind that there is no need to take the first job you see. Take your time and check more vacancies, you will definitely find a better one.

Essay writing company

Paper Writing Service

It is a pretty nice idea to get an author’s job in a paper writing company. This means regular monthly payment and possibility to improve one’s own skills. As a rule, the papers, which one has to write, are school or college essays. This type of work doesn’t demand extra efforts or specific knowledge. However, be careful, you will lose that job if employer catches you with plagiarism or poor quality of essays.

Magazines and blogs

Sure, as a rule, this variant doesn’t promise you a regular salary. It has stability only in case you get a job in the state of editors. However, the qualification and special education are needed for it. If you don’t have these features, don’t worry. There is a possibility to work as a guest writer for different information sources. Just send your paper to the certain web-sites and wait for a response. Keep in mind that payment for such articles is higher in popular magazines, but they have more requirements to authors.

Own blog

Popular Blog

If you are full of extraordinary ideas, it is possible to start your blog. Sure, there are some difficulties and it is not easy for the beginner to make a webpage popular among the audience. Read some specific literature, for example, “SEO Fitness Workbook” by Jason McDonald or “SEO for beginners” by Amit Bhawani. Be patient and diligent in this task, you can’t make the most popular blog in one minute. Keep in mind that some time will pass before you get the first profit from it. Don’t forget about the quality of content you produce. It should be interesting and attractive; moreover, you should post it regularly.

Great, now you are aware of getting a well-paid job and making your hobby a profession. However, there is still a perspective of becoming an author of bestsellers and sign autographs for your fans. How to reach this? We will give an answer to that question in our next article. It will be useful for everyone who wants to write an excellent book and publish it. The experience and advises of the famous writers are compiled in order to give you a recipe of a successful novel.

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