Common Short Story Mistakes: Learn Them Attentively

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There are no doubts that young people make mistakes very often while writing their papers on various subjects. Sometimes their grammar is poor, or they use too banal and usual ideas for the creation of the main plot. However, short stories are probably the most complicated works according to the number of mistakes committed by young people. Other types of essays seem to be much easier for them and students deal with them quickly and productively. At the same time, writing a story and becoming a real author of a literary masterpiece are very attractive reasons which make young people interested in the process of creating these texts. How to reach success in this niche? Sure, you should be aware of the major steps in writing these pieces. Moreover, it is essential to be aware of the most widespread mistakes which are presented in this article.

Prolonged Lead-In

It is a typical situation when young people create a really long lead-in and describe lots of things which have happened before the main plot, characters’ past and so on. Sure, it is a pretty good idea in the case you write a novel and can make it hundreds of pages long. However, if you want to make a brilliant short story, you should start your work in a dynamic and amazing way. Forget about explaining tons of things before the main action takes place. The best thing you can do is creating a nice hook in order to catch reader’s attention. Many writers start their stories from dynamic and quick actions in order not to let their audience get bored.

Many Places and Various Times

It is true that many young authors try to fill their papers with many additional lines and events. However, it is not suitable for this type of writing work. Never jump from one place to another and describe several different times in your short story. You have only a few thousand words to explain everything. Thus, there can be only one line of your plot. Hence, you should not create many characters and pay attention to dozens of situations. Focus your attention on something important. Hence, you will be able to present the best story and make readers not confused but interested in things which happen in your imaginary world.

Uncertain Final

Keep in mind that it is better to create a univocal and clear final for short stories. It can also be education especially if you write for kids or teenagers. However, you should avoid open finals which you often see in various novels. The audience wants to know the outcome of the dynamic actions explained in the story. That is why you should think well in order to create an unusual and surprising final. Remember that it is not a culmination of your work as many students think. It is a kind of solution to the problems and conflicts described in the manuscript.

Too Many Details

Try to avoid details in all parts of your paper. For example, there is no need to describe the appearance of your main character if it does not play a big role in the plot. It is essential to understand that this genre focuses not only descriptions and details but on dynamic actions. Moreover, you have a limited space for your manuscript. Hence, you should cut down unnecessary things and even characters which do not matter for the solution of the major conflict in the story. Pay attention to the works of famous authors. All of them prefer to pick one or two personages and pay a little attention to details while writing.

All in all, there are several big mistakes made by young people while creating short stories. They commit them because this task seems to be easy and effortless. At the same time, beginners in this genre face tons of challenges and failures while underestimating their assignments. We hope that you will avoid these unpleasant things in practice and reach success while creating your literary piece.


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