A Perfect Short Story: How to Start It?

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Probably the hardest step is creating a good introduction of your story. Many students have no idea on how to start their work effectively. Hence, they waste a lot of time before putting down at least anything. Sure, it is a pity because this stage of writing sets the pace for the whole work. That is why a bad lead-in causes the absence of success at all. Some students are wondering why people reject their papers so quickly or refuse to continue reading after several paragraphs. The main reason for it is the lack of interest. The audience is not attracted by your story just because your hook is not effective. That is why you should pay attention to our prompts and use them in practice. Keep in mind the importance of this section of your story.

Be Dynamic

The main factor which highlights short stories is their dynamic plot and quick start. It is a big mistake to make events go too slowly. When it takes several pages to describe a certain moment, you probably break the traditions of this genre. Moreover, the lead-in of this manuscript should be dynamic as well. Try not to overload it with details and unimportant points which can simply deplete all your efforts paid to this task. It is better to stay clear and put down your thoughts briefly. Keep in mind that if you start a story dynamically, it will set the good pace for the rest of your writing.

The Important Scene

Bank Robbery

Many famous authors prefer to start their story not from the exact beginning but a certain important scene which influences all the events. Sure, it will greatly attract readers’ attention and make them greatly interested in the final of this amusing situation. For example, it can be the main conflict of your story. For example, if you create a detective, you can start with the description of a crime committed by one of your characters. It can be a bank robbery and you can put this event at the beginning of your story. Sure, it sounds more interesting than telling things about your main heroes, their past, appearance, and so on. This is a dynamic event and a reader quickly becomes interested in a continuation of the plot.

Introduce Your Main Hero

Probably each of your characters has something special in his story, appearance or abilities. The main personage is surely an outstanding person or an ordinary citizen who faces unusual circumstances. That is why you write the whole story about him. It means you start with the introduction of your main hero. However, there is no need to describe his features which are typical for everyone. Start with something which makes a reader understand that your character is unusual and outstanding from the first lines.

Start with the Mystery

Without any doubts, mysteries attract us and make us read a story even if we have no desire to do it. The true interest is the thing which urges readers to pay attention to your manuscript. The best way of waking it inside a person is presenting some specific situations with the mystery. Secrets and wonderful events attract not only kids and teenagers but also the majority of adults. Even a horror beginning for your story is a good variant. The audience would like to know if it is a real situation or the result of someone’s imagination.

To sum up, there are some effective ways of starting a short story which can help you to attract more readers and make them amazed by your literary piece. Try not to use banal and usual methods. The audience is tired of these boring lead-ins and may simply refuse to read your work after a poor beginning. Your main target is preventing such situations. It is always better to cut your paper and make it briefer than adding too many unimportant and unnecessary things which do not add dynamics and amazement to your paper. In the next post, we are going to describe some good examples of topics for short stories. They may inspire for creating your own piece.


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