Why Grammar Problems Are Spread: Real Challenge for Students

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According to the majority of teachers’ opinions, the main cause of bad marks for papers written by students is not poor ideas or wrong information. They mainly get such grades because their works contain tons of grammar mistakes. A big part of professors finds it inappropriate and criticizes these young people greatly. Thus, students start hating English classes and try to avoid writing tasks in any possible way. Sure, such tasks are required in most of the schools or colleges, and marks for such assignments are taken into account when the general academic level of a person is indicated. That is why the main target of many students is improving their grammar and reducing all unpleasant issues connected with it. The worst thing is that sometimes young people even fail in things and rules which they know very well. Why does it happen? Below we compiled the most widespread reasons why people used to make the similar grammar mistakes again and again.

It Is a Bad Habit

Probably the clearest and typical reason for making lots of grammar mistakes again and again is a wrong habit. A student just used to write things in a certain way, and it is complicated for him to reduce this issue and start working in a completely diverse direction. It happens even with the simplest rules and words as a person may just not notice these inaccuracies as in his mind things seem to be correct. Of course, this situation is similar to those which we have in case of bad habits. We cannot get rid of them for a long time and continue falling into the same trap for weeks or even months. Unluckily, many students do not even notice that such mistakes exist in their papers and should be fixed not only in this exact text but in the case of the general knowledge of grammar.

Your Knowledge Is Not Modernized

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There is one more common cause for grammar mistakes. Students often forget that rules may change very quickly and they should keep the pace and never miss important innovations. It happens because an old-fashioned manner of spelling or punctuation is considered to be not just a minor inaccuracy but a great mistake. Thousands of the young people have never thought that they should check the modern grammar rules which are not taught at school. However, this is the only right way of making your paper perfect and easy for reading. Fortunately, nowadays it is not a big problem because many good websites with grammar issues are created.

Using Informal Language

It is true that many students make lots of unpleasant mistakes which could be easily prevented. Why? They simply continue using informal language while writing. It is a common thing for communicating with fellows or chatting online but not for creating school papers. It is essential to understand that such slang phrases can be easily taken into account as a big mistake by your teacher. It includes different omissions and shortenings which young people usually make while speaking. For example, they can miss nouns or verbs, and it sounds normal in a teenage conversation. Or there may be some enjoyable abbreviations from the language of social networks which seem to bring a lot of fun. However, it looks awful in a paper for college or school. Unluckily, many students simply have a habit of using certain phrases or slang word and act in such a way while creating papers.

Type of Personality

According to the recent surveys, some young people who talk fast and have a dynamic and hyperactive temper used to make more mistakes than calm and patient students. Hence, it is a proven fact that the type of personality also indicates your writing style and may be the reason for all inaccuracies in your papers. If you always try to do everything quickly and hate staying in one place for a long time, you probably have a choleric temperament. Thus, you do not reach perfection in every sentence and prefer to make your stories full of different events and dynamic features but pay a little attention to grammar as it seems to be boring. Moreover, such students rarely review their essays diligently as it demands time and they have to stay calm for a long. Definitely, it does not make any excuses for you, and teachers will never take this point into account while putting a mark for your work.

Inattentiveness While Writing

Of course, the problem which affects all students is inattentiveness. There are dozens of causes for this issue. However, the main point is that it negatively influences the quality of your writing. You make more mistakes and cannot notice even the simplest inaccuracies and apply necessary grammar rules. It is a pity but young people suffer from it for years, and very often teachers highlight exactly this issue among others. Probably it means that inattentiveness may be much more harmful to your studying process than you imagine. That is why you should pay enough attention to this problem.

All in all, everyone agrees that grammar plays a significant role in the estimation of your paper by a teacher. Polls prove that the majority of professors find this as one of the essential points while indicating a mark for an essay. Many of them say that this quality is equal to the ideas and concepts illustrated in a text. That is why you will never be successful while writing without being good at grammar. Even those students who have a unique approach to this process and generate the best ideas will get poor marks in their papers that include tons of mistakes. Hence, we are going to present the list of the most useful methods of coping with these issues and explain how to keep grammar rules in mind while writing.

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